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Dwight Doane is a passionate developer obsessed with the World Wide Web.


2017-11-13 —

Frontend Developer

Using Elm, JavaScript and Web Components to build a modern live streaming platform, called Halogen, for artists and creatives


  • Halogen is over 50k lines
  • Helped transition an Elm app from 0.18 and BEM style CSS, to TailwindCSS and upgraded to 0.19 version of Elm
  • I own (most of) the Accessibility work. Accessibility is very important to me. So I try to make our app as accessible as possible.

Web Benefits Design 2017-08-08 — 2017-09-19

Frontend Developer

Helped rewrite an aging php application using modern technologies: React, Redux w/middleware (redux-observables, redux-saga)


  • Learned a lot about structuring a react/redux application
  • Learned the basics of observables with rxjs
  • Honed some functional programming skills

Startup Media 2015-11-01 — 2017-07-11

Frontend Developer

Worked with designers, DBAs, and stakeholders to build frontend applications like


  • Used Angular.js to build gogreenback's webapp, and webviews for the iOS/android app
  • Used backbone.js to build an early company website
  • Used Node.js and Angular.js to build a client dashboard

UCF Coding Bootcamp 2016-06-23 — 2017-08-16

Substitute Instructor && Teaching Assistant

'HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Responsive Design, Heroku, Git, User Authentication, PHP frameworks like Laravel, React.js, MySQL, MongoDB, and more.*' Shared my experiences and knowledge with students. Helped them learn a wide range of topics. Graded their homework and provided inclass and virtual assistance.


  • When possible I gave extracurricular lectures and activities to expose students to topics I thought they needed to know. Such as es6 features, functional programming techniques and git fundamentals

Trilogy Education Services 2017-03-01 — 2017-04-22

Software Test Engineer

I was responsible for setting up test automation, as well as load testing apis. From setting up unit testing for React components, and End to End testing some user flows.

Technology Club 2014-09-01 — 2015-01-01


The technology club brought students together to explore new areas of technology and computer sciences. Topics ranged from git and programming, to cyber security and hacking.


  • Helped organize club activities
  • Built the first website with a fellow club member who was a web designer
  • Gave an intro to git and github.

Valencia College 2014-08-01 — 2016-06-23

Computer Science


  • C Programming
  • Java
  • Advanced Java

Dean's List

Awarded 2015-05-14
by Valencia College
Dean's List. These students completed at least 6 credit hours, and earned between a 3.50 and 3.74 grade point average in all coursework.

blog 2017-04

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Working on my side hustle. Where I write about my experiences hacking on personal projects. (WIP)

Web Development

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • mongodb
  • mysql
  • angular 1
  • react
  • redux
  • vue
  • vuex
  • git
  • Elm
  • (Learning) Haskell
  • functional programming
Native speaker

Fun Stuff

  • Miatas
  • WRX
  • Driving fast
  • Camping
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Travel


  • functional programming
  • performance
  • a11y
  • dev tools
  • automation
  • IOT
  • node
  • JavaScript
  • creative coding
  • Teaching!