Dwight Doane

Elm && JavaScript Developer


Dwight Doane is a passionate developer with nearly a decade of experience shipping quality features and building high perfomance teams.



08/2021 - 06/2023

Senior Frontend Engineer

Rewrote CareRev's React.js based Facility app into a modern Elm application.

  • Helped hospitals staff qualified Nurses and helped save lives
  • Rearchitected the start of CareRev's React -> Elm rewrite
  • Mentored junior engineers and trained senior level engineers on pure functional concepts
  • Conducted hiring interviews, and created code challenges to vet candidates
  • Used codegen tools to automate and script tedious tasks like Amplitude tracking and updating tracking plans
  • Onboarded engineers of various skill level into an Elm codebase
  • Setup code practices and standards for Elm development
  • Worked with designers to implement a design system using TailwindCSS
  • Setup storybook for visualizing our design system and reusable Ui
  • Our platform empowered Nurses to take control of their careers
  • Shipped high impact features and services like Smart Rates to high profile clients, saving them time and money.


09/2020 - 08/2021

Senior Frontend Developer

My team completely rebuilt Halogen and quickly integrated it into Triller's platform.

  • Halogen was acquired by triller to build their Live Streaming service and add a Web App to their suite of tools.
  • Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and DJ Khaled use our scheduled stream, and livestreaming tools to entertain thousands of adoring fans.
  • Triller used our platform to host the Verzuz rap battle series where users could vote on who was winning the battle in realtime.
  • Working at Triller and Omicron unlocked a passion for reverse engineering web applications.

Omicron Media, Inc

11/2017 - 09/2020

Frontend Developer

Buit Halogen using Elm, JavaScript and Web Components to provide users a modern live streaming platform for artists and creatives

  • Halogen was over 120k lines of Elm and then was acquired.
  • Helped transition an Elm app from 0.18 and BEM style CSS, to TailwindCSS and upgraded to 0.19 version of Elm
  • Onboarded and trained React engineers in Elm and functional programming
  • Used modern responsive design practices to support mobile and desktop viewers and provide them with an enjoyable experience.
  • Worked with passionate and driven engineers, designers, and stakeholders to deliver robust features in short sprints.
  • Agile practices helped us move quickly with changing requirements and shortened deadlines.
  • Fans could tip, gift, chat and watch live or prerecorded content.

Web Benefits Design

08/2017 - 09/2017

Frontend Developer

Helped rewrite an aging php application using modern technologies: React, Redux w/middleware (redux-observables, redux-saga)

  • Learned a lot about structuring a react/redux application
  • Learned the basics of observables with rxjs
  • Honed some functional programming skills

Startup Media

11/2015 - 07/2017

Frontend Developer

Worked with designers, DBAs, and stakeholders to build frontend applications like http://gogreenback.com.

  • Used Angular.js to build gogreenback's webapp, and webviews for the iOS/android app
  • Used backbone.js to build an early company website
  • Used Node.js and Angular.js to build a client dashboard

UCF Coding Bootcamp

06/2016 - 08/2017

Substitute Instructor && Teaching Assistant

'HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, Responsive Design, Heroku, Git, User Authentication, PHP frameworks like Laravel, React.js, MySQL, MongoDB, and more.*' Shared my experiences and knowledge with students. Helped them learn a wide range of topics. Graded their homework and provided inclass and virtual assistance.

  • When possible I gave extracurricular lectures and activities to expose students to topics I thought they needed to know. Such as es6 features, functional programming techniques and git fundamentals
  • Teaching at the bootcamp unlocked a passion for education and mentoring

Software Test Engineer

I was responsible for setting up test automation, as well as load testing apis. From setting up unit testing for React components, and End to End testing some user flows.




Creating videos and content to help React Developers transition to Elm and a functional programming ecosystem.


— References available upon request